5 Places To Spend The Summer Of Your Life



There are so many but so many wonderful places to visit in the world! That’s why it’s so complicated to choose the place you’ll spend your next vacation. But don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered!

Some places are more coveted than others; others are a trap or, on the contrary, are often overlooked by travelers. Visiting new places allows you to get away from the daily routine, discover new cultures and learn more about the planet in which we live. Anyone could choose anywhere in the world and it would still be exciting. Unless, of course, they are some of those wealthy individuals who want to show the world how much cash they are able to spend while the rest lose themselves in a fantasy. While some of these destinations justify their high costs, others are no more than any other more accessible destination with the move out home cleaning geauxmaids.com. Next, we’ll show you 7 of the most exclusive sites on the face of the Earth. Get ready to spend this summer the holiday of your life!


Unlike what is commonly believed, Fiji is not a single island, but 332! It has become a renowned destination in the South Pacific and in a very exclusive one. It not only boasts of virgin beaches but the beauty of its landscapes is unprecedented.

The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands have earned a reputation as the playground of the wealthy British. Sir Richard Branson, the founder and CEO of Virgin Corporation, has a villa on a private island that is usually rented by those with high purchasing power.

Bora Bora

While it is a paradisiacal place and offers a luxury experience, the average minimum nightly rate is $800. There is a small problem to reach the destination; flights to the South Pacific are not exactly the cheapest in the market. However, Bora Bora opens its doors to thousands of celebrities, elite entrepreneurs, and political magnates.



Surprise! Seychelles, like Fiji, is a country made up of several islands. Located on the Indian Ocean, just south of Mahe, the main island is the island of Fregate. This is the main reason why Seychelles is on this list; this place does take the “exclusive” to another level.

Cayo Musha

The Exumas or “outskirts” of the Bahamas have been the favorites of the rich and famous forever. Even Ernest Hemingway was here. David Copperfield even said that the fountain of youth was hidden in one of the islands. And for the prices that are handled in Cayo Musha, you will want the rumor to be true.

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