How To ‘Get Back To School’ In Style



It’s that time of the year: the holidays are gone and you have to go back to the office, the gym, the meetings, the events, the endless array of work duties. But there’s no need for doing that with sadness and low motivation. In this post, we give you some style recommendations to get back to school happily in style.

A whim

You want to stand out. You have money. You believe in fashion. Why, then, don’t you have a tailor-made blazer yet?

Resultado de imagen de tailor blazer

A classic

If there’s only one piece of apparel you can’t live without is the classic Burberry trench coat.

Resultado de imagen de burberry trench

A basic

Your stuff, your life. Yeah, we bring a lot of things with us too, and sometimes it may become a nightmare to go also in style. Forget about backpacks or ugly bags. Briefcases are back!

demo 24

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