The Most Chic Sports



Doctors recommend to practice sports, but which one? We hate sweating like an ugly pig, with ugly clothes and a messy hair. NO WAY! So we asked ourselves: which sports could be healthy and chic at the same time. The answer is below.

Horse riding, golf, sailing and skiing. Apparently, those are the sports preferred by rich people. No wonder why. You can practice them and still look like a reputable person. Check it out!

Horse riding is a royalty thing

Resultado de imagen de carlota casiraghi horse riding

The princess Carlota Casiraghi rules on a horse, doesn’t she?!

Golf, the master of style

Resultado de imagen de actor plays golf

Actor Jamie Dornan knows what we’re talking about

Sailing to the palace

Imagen relacionada

Pippa Middleton in a total black… jumpsuit

Skiing or après-ski? That’s the question!

Resultado de imagen de celebrity skiing

It doesn’t matter if you are Alessandra Ambrosio

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