Trend Alert! Human Skin Necklaces Have Arrived



Believe it or not, human skin necklaces are a thing and they’ve arrived to stay. This kind of jewelry is a creation of Simon Huck, founder of the artistic project A. Human, “an immersive theater event”, as described in his official Instagram account, which will open to the public this very month. “This collection is different from anything I’ve ever seen,” announces A. Human, “because it’s based on modifications of the body instead of clothes.”

Actually, it got everyone’s attention since Kim Kardashian (friends with Huck) posted a tweet “wearing” the weirdest necklace ever made from her own skin. Ew! Find other better jewelry options at

Like it or not, it appears to be a thing and critics are talking about it all around the world. Would you ever try it? Some see it like tattoos and piercings, a new kind of body art. The autumn/winter season seems to come this year with unimaginable accessories. Watch out!

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